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How was Yerevan ceded to Armenia? – DOCUMENTS

The historical land of Azerbaijan Yerevan was ceded to Armenia on May 29, 1918. How and why was it ceded to Armenia? will present the details on the dramatic time of the new history of Azerbaijan to the readers in upcoming days.

The foundation for ceding the Western Azerbaijani lands was laid during the First World War. The Russian Army had 150,000 soldiers to occupy Eastern Anadolu. Russian troops withdrew by giving in the weapons to their Armenian commanders after an upheaval in Russia on November, 1917. Thereafter, plunders which ended up with 1918 March Genocide were launched.

The Armenian troop which withdrew and was under the control of Andranik, Hamazasp, Dron and Njdeh conducted massacres against Muslims in Erzurum and Kars counties, as well as in Yerevan and Zengezur. The Armenian Armed Forces destroyed 32 villages in Yerevan county of Yerevan province, 84 in Echmiadzin, 7 in Novo-Bayazid and 75 in Surmeli – totally 198 until March 1918. Approximately 135,000 Azerbaijanis were subjected to genocide.

In other words, the Muslim population of Yerevan County was left to their fate. No one supported and protected them. They only counted on Ottomans.

In such a case, South Caucasus Seim was dissolved on May 26, 1918 and Georgia declared its independence. At Muslim National Council meeting held on May 27, Nasib bey Yusifbeyov said that the delegation representing Turkey at Batumi conference came to conclusion that the South Caucasus had to protect its independence and a few lands had to be ceded to Armenia in order to protect its unity and solidarity.       Continue Reading