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“The third generation public transport fare collection system developed by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation will take the Russian public transport operators to the global level of automation,” writes IT Week.

“As new fare collection options are being introduced, the existing payment systems will remain in place as long as there is a non-zero percentage of the population that still use them. Gradually, as more and more people adopt the new fare payment option, the old payment options will die out naturally,” IT Week quotes Analytical Center Head Igor Ivanov as saying.

Total digitization, big data, widespread deployment of mobile services that offer huge practical benefits to both users and information system operators alike have affected all industries and sectors of the economy. The benefits of information systems are obvious: high data processing speeds, automation of routine business processes, cloud services allowing companies to avoid having to install bulky and expensive equipment in their offices, and, of course, maximum convenience for users.

In our big country there is a multitude of disconnected public transport fare collection systems. The third generation public transport fare collection concept envisions moving away from specialized equipment and towards mass produced devices, including smart phones carried by passengers. All the heavy lifting data process will be done by algorithms and software running in the cloud.

Today more than 10 possible fare collection options have been looked into, which include the use of a mobile app, payment by placing a call, payment in cash using a public transport card or a smart card and others. And despite the fact that the new solution is more convenient and less expensive the old infrastructure will remain in place for some time to come, going through software updates so it can integrate with the cloud based system and other solutions….Read more